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Available plugins

SMath Studio provides a large amount of built-in functions and features; built-in plugins are stored in the “plugins” folder in the installation directory of SMath (f.e. “C:\Program Files (x86)\SMath\SMath Studio\plugins”).

Moreover, SMath Studio's community can develop plugins to extend the software features. When a plugin needed by a worksheet is not found, the Extensions Manager of SMath Studio show you a dialog to install the required plugin, then you can install it. These libraries are stored inside the “%APPDATA%/SMath/extensions/plugins” directory.


How to make a plugin

Look the contents on links below to know how to write a plugin; in case of problems post a message in the forum.

A good way to understand how a plugin it's structured it's to observe those already created, in the VisualSVN server or in the forum.

When your work is mature enough, remember to share the dll library and the documentation about the plugin's usage for the end-users, and the sources as reference for the community and future developers.

To share the plugin through the Extensions Manager, contact the developer.


Known issues

to inform the developers about issues you found out use the forum: SMath forum

SMath's development can make a plugin made by an user outdated; if this happen, use the forum to inform the developers about it.

To make a plugin actually there isn't detailed instructions about the libraries features, but this is in the works.



  • SMath 0.85.3578 (Alpha): Added support of plugins.
  • SMath 0.87 (Stable): First stable support of plugins.
  • SMath 0.90 (Stable): Added ability to create plugins to extend SMath Studio worksheet with new types of Regions (Custom Regions).
  • SMath 0.96.4902 (Nightly build): Extensions Manager implemented.


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