Here is an incomplete list of shortcuts built-in into SMath Studio:



" - Insert Text region
' - Insert Unit
\ - Insert square root
[ - Insert el() function - subscript
] - Insert line - code block
. - literal subscript in variable,function,unit names
^ - Raise to power operator
! - Factorial
% - -/+ Minus plus
& - Insert Boolean And
| - Insert Boolean Or
~ - Insert Boolean Not
@ - Insert a 2D plot
Ctrl+. - Symbolic calculation of the equation
Ctrl+= - Insert Boolean "Equal to"
Ctrl+\ - Insert n-th root
Ctrl+g - Pressing after a character, gives it in Greek (Symbol palette)
Ctrl+M - Insert Matrix
Ctrl+E - Insert Function dialog box
Ctrl+W - Insert Unit dialog box
Ctrl+T - Insert blank Image
Ctrl+0 - Insert Boolean "Greater or Equal to" operator
Ctrl+1 - Insert Matrix transpose
Ctrl+3 - Insert Boolean "Not Equal to" operator
Ctrl+8 - Insert Vector Multiplication operator
Ctrl+9 - Insert Boolean "Less Then or Equal to" operator
Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter - Insert new line in the text region
Ctrl+Shift+P - Insert Pi constant (3.1415...)
Ctrl+Shift+Z - Insert Infinity



Ctrl+Z - Undo changes
Ctrl+Y - Redo changes
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert - Copy
Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert - Paste
Ctrl+A - Select all page controls / Select all inside the control (depends on cursor position)

Home, End - Can be used inside Text or Math controls to move cursor to the start or end of expression
Ctrl+B - Bold text
Ctrl+I - Italic text
Ctrl+U - Underlined text
F8 - Change multiple variable,function, unit names



Ctrl+N - Create a new page
Ctrl+F4 - Close current page
Ctrl+P - Print current page
Ctrl+O - Show open file dialog
Ctrl+S - Save current page
F9 - Recalculate page


Dynamic Assistance (Auto-Completion)

TAB, Ctrl+Enter, Shift+Enter, DoubleClick - Auto-complete with the chosen variable/function name
Ctrl+space - Auto-Complete if menu is shown, otherwise manually activates Dynamic Assistance
*+Enter - For Smartphones

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