Symbolic expression evaluations

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Overview of Symbolic Expression Evaluations

Full symbolic expression can be stored in MItem Class. You can operate with instances of this class using standard operators + - * / and it has several methods to make it easy to operate with expressions. Actually, MItem is very interesting class that was fully designed by Andrey and it has not been used anywhere before. For example: it doesn't support - and / operators at all (meaning it cannot store and work with them), instead of it every part of MItem Class expression has Boolean fields: Negative (means -a) and Inverse (means 1/a). So, you should respect this fact in order to avoid some errors.


Interface to be implemented

IPluginMathSymbolicEvaluation interface



SMath.Math.Symbolic.Expression.SimplifyEx(MItem) - Symbolic expression simplification
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Expression.DifferentiateEx(MItem, MItem) - Symbolic differentiation of expression

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