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It is possible to perform operations from Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)


You can see the list of supported commands using:

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -?

CMD help


this flag enables the shell commands.


Prompt the help.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -?


Export worksheet(s) to supported formats.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -e html
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -e smz "worksheet" "worksheet"


Specific context options. Usually used on export. This flag may be used in some specific file-export plug-in to enable options from command prompt.


Initiate printing of the worksheet(s) using specified printer. Set "default" to use system default printer (no other printers available as for now - SS 0.98.5914).

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -p default
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -p default "worksheet" "worksheet"


Perform testing of the worksheet. Testing allows to verify that all calculations in the worksheet are returning the same results as last save and no new errors appear.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -t
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -t "worksheet" "worksheet"


  • SMath 0.98.5914 (Nightly build): Ability to print worksheet using command prompt implemented, Command prompt interface extended to allow worksheet testing;
  • SMath 0.96.4902 (Nightly build): Added ability to export files to supported formats using command prompt;

See also


  • how to access help command: Forum

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