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It is possible to perform operations from Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)


You can see the list of supported commands using:

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -?

CMD help


this flag enables the shell commands.

-? or -help

Prompt the help.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -?

-e or -export

Export worksheet(s) to supported formats.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -e .html
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -e .smz "worksheet" "worksheet"

-o or -options

Specific context options. Usually used on export. This flag may be used in some specific file-export plug-in to enable options from command prompt.

-p or -print

Initiate printing of the worksheet(s) using specified printer. Set "default" to use system default printer (no other printers available as for now - SS 0.98.5914).

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -p default
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -p default "worksheet" "worksheet"

-t or -test

Perform testing of the worksheet. Testing allows to verify that all calculations in the worksheet are returning the same results as last save and no new errors appear.

SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -t
SMathStudio_Desktop.exe -silent -t "worksheet" "worksheet"


  • SMath 0.98.5914 (Nightly build): Ability to print worksheet using command prompt implemented, Command prompt interface extended to allow worksheet testing;
  • SMath 0.96.4902 (Nightly build): Added ability to export files to supported formats using command prompt;

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