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Formatting fonts of Variable Descriptions

Created by Kirk Wilson on 6/11/2021 7:02 PM Last Updated by smath on 6/11/2021 11:14 PM
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We are having an issue formatting descriptions of variables in sheets after installing recent updates to Smath Studio.

we are unable to change the font of the descriptions of some so they are all the same within the sheet. 

Some are Arial, some are Calibri. none can be changed.

This hasn't been a prblem in the past. What changed?



    smath (Friday, June 11, 2021 11:10 PM) #

Hello. This happened because of an error in one of the previous versions of SMath Studio which use have used to create the Worksheets.

Latest SMath Studio version will always use Courier New for all Descriptions like it did in past.

To fix your Worksheets you need to open files with Notepad, find all places contains the following text:


and completely remove fontFamily="XXXXX" attribute.

Afterwards just save a file in the Notepad and open it using SMath Studio as usual.

Let me know by e-mail if you need an issistance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.