Feature SS-4650
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NTFS Attributes or permissions preventing SMath from being executed correctly

Created by Martin Kraska on 11/6/2020 9:57 PM Last Updated by smath on 4/25/2021 1:34 AM
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This reports a very strange problem which perhaps is an OS problem rather than a SMath bug. Any idea how I could handle this problem in a more user friendly way?


At times the installation of the unofficial portable distribution https://en.smath.com/wiki/SMath%20with%20Plugins.ashx fails:

  • The ziip file is downloaded and unzipped on the local harddrive
  • The application is started.
  • A minimal SMath starts with no plugins, evensome native ones are missing.
  • Installation of other plugins fails, among them the development tools one, which might have given more insight.

Today 4 of 25 students taking part in an Getting Started with SMath Studio online session experienced this problem.

How to workaround: In many cases (3 of the 4 above-mentioned students) the following procedure helps. The other one has been recommended to use the standard installer and download the plugins. No feedback yet whether he succeeded.

  • Copy the downloaded and unzipped folder to a removable flash drive
  • Try to execute the program there. This usually works.
  • Copy the folder back to harddisk
  • Try to execute the program here. This usually also works.

Another workaround has been reported (private email) by a Korean guy:

Thanks for you reply.
I guessed "copy file to usb and copy back to hard drive solves the problem" is file attribute or permission related problem with NTFS files system.
So I copy unzipped folder to another directory with windows git bash's cp command e,xpecting that git bash's msys posix emulation layer clear a weird file attribute or permission.
I works.
Thank you.


    smath (Sunday, April 25, 2021 1:33 AM) #

Attempt to fix this issue made today. Fix will be available in the next beta version of SMath Studio soon.