Bug SS-3561
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[Maxima] Single sided limits don't work

Created by Martin Kraska on 9/5/2018 6:05 PM Last Updated by Martin Kraska on 6/16/2021 7:12 PM
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Due to changes in the pre-processing or argumentws, the function Lim() can't find out if x.0+0 or x.0-0 was specified as value for x. (6671)

    Martin Kraska (Wednesday, June 16, 2021 7:12 PM) #

Other options would be the use of similar symbols as exponent


    Martin Kraska (Sunday, September 16, 2018 6:53 PM) #

In order to prevent preprocessing from destroying the side information of the limit operator, you can replace +/-0 by +/- something symbolic, which can be replaced by 0 after the limit operation.

One could also define a unit '+ and a unit '-, which could receive a special translation. Currently, this fails because Maxima does not accept operator symbols in names.