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Fast Entry of Powers of 10 using E

Created by crun on 12/19/2016 12:38 AM Last Updated by crun on 12/19/2016 12:38 AM
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It would also really help to have a fast way of entering powers of ten.
In electronics, every number has a large exponent and entering 15 * 10 ^ 7 is harder than 15E7
(8 keystrokes vs 4)

I think that there should be an option to treat the special case of <number>E<number> , as the exponent operator.
* is automatically inserted when going from numbers to letters, but this is no problem.
ie new behaviour: 15E6 -> 15*10^6
old: 15E6 -> 15*E6

Problem: variable names like E or E6FilmMass, would need some way to allow them.

This could possibly be done by using the units listbox. Currently when you type E6 the units listbox will show: e, el(2), el(3)...

We could use the list two ways:

A) Always default to converting to exponent as you type i.e. when you type "E6", show "*10^6", but show the literal alternative in the units list: E6, e, el(2), el(3) ....

B)  When the string could be an exponent, show the exponent form at the top of the units list i.e. the list will be: 10^6, e. el(2), el(3) ....

I favor (A) as I use exponent forms in almost every numeric entry expression, and only use a veriable name which could be confused (eg "E6") very rarely (or never)

This would allow the selecting of an ambiguous varable name like E6. No extra effort is required for unambiguous names ie when E6F is typed, the display reverts to *E6F

Alternatives: use ctrl+E or alt+E as simple keystroke macro to insert: *10^

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