Автор: Davide Carpi (davide.carpi@gmail.com). Создано в рамках проекта SMath. Опубликовано пользователем Davide Carpi.
Это проект с открытыми исходными кодами. Исходные коды опубликованы под лицензией MIT и доступны в публичном хранилище SVN.

Extends SMath Studio with a Writer Region. Provides the ability to work with formatted text inside the Worksheet.

Версия 0.23.8034.36139 - Стабильная (опубликовано )

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История изменений

The plugin allows to mix in the same region text with different font-family, size, color, vertical and horizontal alignments.

Moreover it is possible to insert hyperlinks, math objects and dynamic fields.

You can arrange the whole region respect to the printing bounds and other math regions.

The region supports spell checking (dictionaries not included).

This is a great alternative for text editor built-in into SMath Studio. The best choice if you need wrapping to worksheet size and rich formatting abilities. I wish sometime it became integrated to the program by default!ещё...

Andrey Ivashov