Автор: ООО "ЭсМат". Создано в рамках проекта SMath. Опубликовано пользователем Andrey Ivashov.

Версия 0.99.6633
Бета (опубликовано 28.02.2018)
Автор: Andrey Ivashov.


Software iconmsiSMath Studio for WindowsРазмер: 2,14 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS.284 из 1310870 загрузок


Software icongzSMath Studio for MonoРазмер: 1,27 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime.45 из 285213 загрузок



  • Step Into toolbar button made available even if evaluation is not paused - in this mode it allows to start evaluation and pause it in the first available action (no need to set Breakpoint to start debugging).


  • SS-3508: Page elements invalidation related issues fixed;
  • SS-3509: Localization specific functions names formatting corrected;
  • SS-3510: Rounding issue happened sometimes when Significant figures mode is turned on fixed;
  • Numbers rounding normalized: when a number is halfway between two others, it is rounded toward the nearest number that is away from zero;
  • Inactive page area is invalidated when required now (in Pages view).


  • Fixed issue with editable Reference Book articles;
  • Refactoring.