Автор: ООО "ЭсМат". Создано в рамках проекта SMath. Опубликовано пользователем Andrey Ivashov.

Версия 0.98.6325
Бета (опубликовано 26.04.2017)
Автор: Andrey Ivashov.


Software iconmsiSMath Studio for WindowsРазмер: 2,11 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS.1136 из 1310865 загрузок


Software icongzSMath Studio for MonoРазмер: 1,25 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime.214 из 285209 загрузок



  • Built-in function Clear(..) implemented to remove variables/units/functions defined above on the Worksheet;
  • SS-2430: Dynamic Assistance tooltips improved: description of the snippet is now shown, footer can be multiline now, functions without description handled correctly;
  • Worksheet opening performance improved for Regions with hidden input part;
  • Internal meta-data for Regions supported (within the program and worksheet files format).


  • SS-2429: Loading of Worksheet files with self-closing REGION tag(s) fixed;
  • Document title corrected on printing (important for some printers).


  • SS-2290: DEV: IPluginToolboxGroups implemented;
  • DEV: Initial support for Menu Extenders plug-ins added (IPluginMenuExtender - for always visible items in context menu only);
  • DEV: Added ability to remove definitions from the global context;
  • Interface translations updated;
  • Refactoring.