Автор: ООО "ЭсМат". Создано в рамках проекта SMath. Опубликовано пользователем Andrey Ivashov.

Версия 0.98.6060
Бета (опубликовано 04.08.2016)
Автор: Andrey Ivashov.


Software iconmsiSMath Studio for WindowsРазмер: 2,03 MB
Installation package for computers running Windows OS.232 из 1259284 загрузок


Software icongzSMath Studio for MonoРазмер: 1,17 MB
Application package to use with Mono runtime.35 из 272102 загрузок



  • SS-2364: Version is added to Title bar when SMath Studio started as a Portable version;
  • Always on top feature implemented and available in View menu;
  • Debugging: Watch Panel updated to show current break point expression in the watch list (often useful because some equation lines may be optimized and their real view may differ from initially created by user);
  • Debugging: Debugging enabled in Plots;
  • Silent mode: Worksheets testing improved to show progress and correctly display differences;
  • Silent mode: Added "-w" argument allows to limit max evaluation time per worksheet.


  • Rendering logic of the region with Description activated improved (one can set cursor on the worksheet by clicking in the area between region content and description);
  • Critical issue happened sometimes on equation editing fixed;
  • SS-2362: Debugging: Issue when it was not possible toggle breakpoint after content of placeholder is changed;
  • Silent mode: Abort on exceeded time fixed.


  • Plug-ns compatibility issue fixed;
  • Back-compatibility improved for the existing worksheets (related to eval()/sum() functions).